Join a highly collaborative team and work in a pleasant environment, where you can focus on what matters the most to make a meaningful impact on millions of patients’ health, well-being, and quality of life.

Corporate Culture

Our approach to work is open, collaborative and innovative. We work as a team with a strong sense of commitment and responsibility.

Contribution & Impact

To contribute to the improvement of health, well-being and self-esteem of millions of patients.

Social Responsibility

SYMATESE is strongly committed to diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace.

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Start your career at SYMATESE with our opportunities for young graduates.

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Our shared key values ​​are ethics, responsibility, respect, team spirit, agility, and focus on results. These values ​​are the basis of our Manifesto and of the SYMATESE house.

Sustainability is one of the key axes that guide the development of SYMATESE in the context of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy (CSR).

On a daily work, our company culture is based on respect, open communication, and team work. Employee satisfaction is a top priority at SYMATESE, and our turnover is very low. Stability is one of the key strengths of our organization.

Make a positive impact

Join us and bring your contribution to the improvement of patients’ health, well-being, and quality of life. Every year more than 20 million patients benefit from our solutions, inspired by nature, to rebuild, restore and rejuvenate from the bone structure up to the skin. Whether you work in the laboratory, in the plant or an office, you can make an impact on lives of millions of patients around the world. We offer career opportunities that will allow you to innovate with purpose.

HR Policy & Social Responsibility

SYMATESE has established a comprehensive HR policy to apply the best practices in terms of recruitment process, non-discrimination, modalities of appraisal, remuneration adjustment, and career plan management, in compliance with the legislation and the collective agreements. SYMATESE also ensures setting the modes of relationship with the employee representative institutions applicable to the various subsidiaries.

SYMATESE HR policy is actively taking care of the needs of its employees

  • Successful integration of new employees,
  • Adaptation of employee skills to the company needs,
  • Employee motivation, retention, and promotion of their professional development by listening to their needs,
  • Fair remuneration policy in order to maintain and develop equal opportunity between employees with equal skills, performance, and position,
  • Promotion of professional equality between men and women,
  • Integration of young people into employment,
  • Forstering senior employment,
  • Forstering inclusion and integration of disabled employees,
  • Anticipation of changes in the labor market.

Gender Equality Index 2024

The SYMATESE Group has always paid great attention to the permanent application of the principle of equality between women and men.

This index enables us to measure our commitment on the basis of official criteria and to identify our points of improvement in order to continue to take concrete action in favor of gender equality.

The gender equality index calculated for the 2 eligible subsidiaries (taking into account the number of employees) is excellent, with 89/100 for SYMATESE LAB and 88/100 for SYMATESE DEVICE in 2024.

*Indicator no. 1 is in favor of women. As indicator no. 2 is also in favor of women, a discount of 10 points is applied to this criterion no. 2.

SYMATESE Graduate Program & Internships

SYMATESE is engaged in supporting students, fresh graduates, and young professionals to kickstart their career.

BEGIN your career by contributing to the exploration and creation of medical solutions for reconstruction, restoration and rejuvenation. Join a healthcare technology company that alleviates patients’ health, well-being, and quality of life.

DEVELOP your abilities while focusing on scientific, medical and financial results.

MAKE AN IMPACT on the causes that matter to you.

BOOST your career reflective of your intellect, enthusiasm, and skills.

CONNECT with our teams who share your values ​​of ethics, deontology, innovation, anticipation and responsiveness.

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(for 2023 data)

Title of the indicator
Points obtained
Maximum number of points for the indicator
INDEX (out of 100 points)
Indicator 1
Pay gap between women and men (in %)
Indicator 2
Differences in the distribution of individual increases between women and men (in % points or in equivalent numbers of employees)
Indicator 3
Percentage of employees receiving a raise when returning from maternity leave (%)
Indicator 4
Gender distribution of the ten highest paid employees