Our R&D organization & its vision

We join R&D activities for therapeutic indications & aesthetics

We leverage our technology platform including HYALURONIC ACIDS, COLLAGENS, SILICONES AND THERMOPLASTICS for their medical applications in order to design innovative, safe, and efficient technological solutions.

SYMATESE research is joint for therapeutic indications and aesthetic medicine and represent the genesis, the dual cutting-edge medical research and the essence of all Symatese solutions

Our R&D ACTIVITIES are fully integrated from design to production, including regulatory and clinical support to optimize market access.

Every year, our innovative medical devices, for tissue regeneration and reconstruction, combined with our delivery systems, are used by specialized practitioners, and make it possible to treat more than 25 million patients worldwide per year. These products are created, developed and manufactured within 5 entities that operate our various technological platforms

In close collaboration with its partners and in order to guarantee the success, SYMATESE implements key activities in a structured management project, including Book of technical requirements, Design, IP Strategy, Transfer, Regulatory & Clinical.

With an integrated innovation process

With the ability to manage long-term projects

SYMATESE’s Research & Development department is experienced and skilled to handle the design of new products with creativity and efficiency in an adapted and controlled quality environment. Hence we dedicate 10-15% of our turnover to Research & Development every year.

We also produce what we design implementing regulatory and clinical support.

Partnerships are managed by a tailor-made contract covering the relation from the design to the production phase to secure the partnership on the long run for each party.

With a clear vision, we fuel our R&D

“Patients safety comes first”

SYMATESE develops technical solutions to accurately meet the needs and expectations of patients in health and quality of life improvement. These solutions also comply with quality and regulatory requirements.

Creativity, methodological tools and project management is day to day practice to optimise time to market and regulatory strategy.

But this is fuelled with a pioneering spirit, the corollary of research with the desire to come up with something new, to create, to dig vertically into subjects until we find them. Even go sometimes where no one has ever gone. Passion is of course a key driver for us, in the sense of the successful inventors with total investment.

We also focus to Always do better than existing products: resonance with Thomas Edison inventor: I start where the last man left off.

Thanks our 50 researchers

A strong multidisciplinary team with support from health care professional

The R&D team consists of a strong multidisciplinary team with experienced doctors, engineers and technicians from different science disciplines such as chemistry, biochemistry, biomaterials, biology, and pharmacy. It comprises 50 people, and is internally supported by internal laboratories and an industrialisation team.

The team works in close collaboration with physicians worldwide to develop the right products meeting the needs of both the user and patients.