SYMATESE research is only one of its kind

Unique mastery and scientific expertise in 2 main fields collagen and hyaluronic acid. complementary and key for tissue regeneration:

Extra technological mastery in the field of silicone and thermoplastics.

Total control of quality, safety and performance from raw material to finished product.

Unique holistic scientific approach allowing the development of joint technological innovations of the container and content compliance with the needs and expectations of physicians The administration system that is ideally suited for the gel/implant to be injected and the associated medical practice.

Sharp and specific research addresses the most complex customer challenges with flexibility and responsive search.

Research potentially at the heart of tomorrow's medicine

The science of tissue regeneration

​A science of the future, of tomorrow's medicine. One of the pillars of regenerative medicine, described as the medicine of the future by the scientific community

New semantic fields

Tissue engineering, bioengineering (YC Fung), tissue engineering, biotechnology, biomimicry, biomedical engineering

Tissue regeneration according to its applications

Dermal regeneration
Bone regeneration
Vascular regeneration
Tendon regeneration…future
Cartilage regeneration…future

Powered by a scientific methodology

A successful creative and research process

Design is very important and often takes the time needed to create technological solutions products that are better than those on the market, performing, safe, and of high quality.

Up to the production of the raw material for collagens which is rare recognized expertise in collagen extraction. One of the few players in the world to extract type I collagen Transformation of hyaluronic acid into a gel.

Serious and systematic clinical studies.

Based on key feedback from healthcare professionals, cooperating in agility. Pre-clinical studies without animal testing are a must, even when it comes to medicine or cosmetic surgery. Studies are consistently very positive and consistently demonstrate the superiority of Symatese technology solutions.

For breast implants, never used computer-based behavioral assessment methods (PRYME® technology) make it possible to design the most resistant, safe and natural breast implants possible.

Holistic research from the delivery system to biopolymers.

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