The global presence of SYMATESE

Our organization is based on the skills that have made us successful.


The 3 entities SYMATESE LAB, SYMATESE DEVICE and SYMATESE AESTHETICS and its production subsidiary are interconnected and cooperate to bring the best technological solutions to market. SYMATESE, manufactures everything it develops at its 4 production sites in Lyon (2 plants), Bornel near Paris and in Mauritius with its subsidiary SYMATESE AESTHETICS Ltd

And of course, marketing in Latin America and China with its subsidiaries in São Paulo and Shanghai: SYMATESE LATAM and SYMATESE SHANGHAI, which are responsible for sales development.

Medtech is our field of activity dedicated to the creation of medical solutions and life science is where we source our inspiration for the exploration of regenerative therapy innovations.

Our approach integrates ideation, research and production and we always want to do better by innovating in life sciences, through biomimicry.