What is SYMATESE mission?

Imagine, design and produce the best technological solutions to give anatomical structures the means to regenerate, to repair yourself naturally.

We explore and create medical solutions for reconstruction, restoration and regeneration. These products, made available to the medical community, are the result of our technological platforms and our know-how in the fields of biopolymer extraction and transformation, as well as silicone elastomer and plastics transformation.

Medtech is our field of activity dedicated to the creation of medical solutions and life science is where we source our inspiration for the exploration of regenerative therapy innovations.

Our approach integrates ideation, research and production and we always want to do better by innovating in life sciences, through biomimicry.

The SYMATESE promise

The science of tissue regeneration, reconstruction and their administration systems for the benefit of doctors and patients

We consider innovation thanks to our technology platform. Knowledge is the one thing that creates added value for all, driving us further together.

At the heart of SYMATESE’s research is the science of tissue regeneration and anatomical reconstruction for the benefit of doctors and patients. Our posture is to be permanently turned towards the end user (BtBtC). It is good here to integrate all patient profiles, patients and those who need to regain self-esteem. The 2 are considered in the same way by the company through our therapeutic and aesthetic solutions. Every year, more than 25 million patients worldwide are treated thanks to its innovative hyaluronic acid, collagen, thermoplastic and silicone technologies.

SYMATESE is able to address the most delicate and complex health issues based on its expertise in 15 therapeutic specialties, aesthetic medicine, while also relying on its own products and technology brands.

The SYMATESE values

SYMATESE is recognized as a dynamic and forward-thinking organization that integrates methodological precision with a pioneering mindset, fuelled by a passion for innovation.

SYMATESE operates at the intersection of innovation, healthcare, and quality of life improvement, blending a commitment to meeting patient needs with a pioneering spirit. The emphasis on creativity, research, and audacity underscores a systematic approach to put the patient first.

The organization’s commitment to the pursuit of something new, sets the stage for unexplored advancements. The willingness to venture into new territories reflects an exploration mode.

Passion is our key driver and aligns with the dedication of successful inventors, emphasizing the total investment required for meaningful achievements. This passion guides the perseverance of our teams allowing to delve deeply into subjects and pushing boundaries.

The quote attributed to Thomas Edison, I start where the last man left off captures the essence of continuous improvement and a commitment to surpassing what already exists. It implies a dedication to building upon previous knowledge and achievements, with the goal of innovation and finding solutions for the benefit of doctors and patients.