In line with the Sustainable Development Goals, in order to establish these common values, we have undertaken the structuring of our CSR approach, which results in the launch of the 1st carbon balance in 2022 and an energy audit or the Silver Ecovadis medal received this year at Symatese Device

Many developments are to come at SYMATESE that integrate the concept of eco-design, because every decision taken on a daily basis can have an impact on the environment. It is therefore necessary to ensure at all times that all our actions comply with the rules and legislation in force.

We have a social responsibility that combines the search for excellence in our solutions with the substitution of recycled and/or bio-sourced raw materials for the use of fossil fuels (where possible by international regulations to which we have had to comply). A working group has been established to begin a process to reduce our production waste and end-of-life products.

All our entities carry the same values, with the same degree of information. Building lasting links and synergy between the subsidiaries is a real guarantee of trust and harmony, both for our employees and our partners.

This desire for lasting commitment is now reflected in responsible governance with the implementation of charters and binding policies.