SYMATESE helps you consolidate your leading position.

Create a premium medical device. Leverage our bovine collagen or cross-linked hyaluronic acid technologies. Market in all continents. Manufacture with a certified company. Work in confidence with an experienced partner with track record of successful projects

Also use our capabilities regarding other biopolymers


years of experience

6 000 000

of medical devices Per Year


medical specialties


continents coverage

In the last 5 year more than 50 small and large companies benefited our technologies


Set up a strong and lasting collaboration

SYMATESE’s strategy is to collaborate with companies willing to develop new biopolymer based medical devices. You can subcontract the design and/or production of your finished or semi-finished medical devices, through a tailor-made agreement, adapted to your specific situation and needs. With a solid financial situation, independent and historical shareholders, and a board management working together for more than 20 years, we are the right partner to answer any of your business opportunities.

Leverage our Research & Development 

SYMATESE’s Research & Development department has experience in handling the design of new product with creativity, efficiency in an adapted and controlled quality environment, to create your premium medical device and consolidate your leading position. Its offer is fully integrated from design to production with regulatory support. Our experience in biopolymer transformation and medical device design as well as our reactivity allow for an optimized cost and time to market.

Manage your needs serenely with our manufacturing

SYMATESE manufacturing operations are fully integrated in our plant at Chaponost (Lyon – FRANCE) and take place in a controlled environment to allow an optimal product quality, complying with GMP (good manufacturing practices).

2 specific production lines are each dedicated to the transformation of collagen and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) transformation, from raw material to sterile product (e.g packaged sterile prefilled syringes of cross-linked HA in blisters)

Guarantee patients safety and optimize your worldwide presence

SYMATESE has always considered the quality of its products and the safety of patients as its main target, and has implemented an effective quality system to comply with the most stringent international regulatory requirements (ISO 13485 and QSR – 21 CFR part 820). Our daily goal is to ensure that patients receive a safe, high quality product meeting regulatory and legal requirements. 
Every day, in all our activities, we are committed to moving towards excellence and performance.

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