Let patients benefit from our solutions to improve their well-being as millions of patients access them every year.

Based on our technology platforms, we have designed solutions to RESTORE organ functions of patients, and to apply critical treatments.

Dental Surgery


  • Bone substitute to fill cavity after removal of wisdom teeth or impacted cuspids and restoration of bone stock following avulsion, trauma or tumours prior to fitting of implants.
  • Dental angulator for truncated Anesthesia.



Dermal regeneration with collagen dermal regeneration template after skin cancer excision.

Imaging (MRI)


Injection syringe of contrast medium for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Ophthalmic surgery


  • Gaz injection set for tamponade of the internal retina.
  • Ophthalmic injector (e.g cataract, oxidative stress of the eye).
  • Hyaluronic acid fillers for dry eye desease.

Emergency treatment of intoxications


Emergency treatment of neurotoxic poisoning with aspiration pump and auto-injector.


Subcutaneous injector with implant for cancer treatment.



Hyaluronic acid fillers injection for knee and hip osteoarthritis treatment.

Wound Healing


Dermal regeneration in wounds.

For all surgical procedures


SYMATESE has also developed hemostatic Collagen sponges used in any surgical procedure to stop bleeding when conventional hemostatis does not work.

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