SYMATESE’s acquisition of GROUPE SEBBIN has been definitively approved by the Pontoise Commercial Court, with GROUPE SEBBIN becoming a 100% subsidiary of SYMATESE.

The SYMATESE-SEBBIN alliance strengthens our presence in the surgical and medical aesthetics market, thanks to our unique technologies developed by our research teams in a wide range of therapeutic and aesthetic indications.

This acquisition represents an important step in the life of the Group, enabling SYMATESE to expand its positions worldwide and accelerate its growth on 4 continents, thanks to SEBBIN’s partners and a very broad and diversified product offering.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire SYMATESE and SEBBIN teams, who were engaged to safeguard the company and give it new prospects for development through this alliance, foreseeing an exciting new future. We would like to thank Benoit Durand-Barracand, President of SEBBIN for his active and essential contribution to this operation, who will accompany us for the next 3 months.

Thanks to the commitment of its 550 employees, the new GROUPE SYMATESE, allied with SEBBIN, aims to become one of France’s leading international players in the surgical and medical aesthetics market and in therapeutic indications.