SYMATESE celebrates 10 years with NEVELIA®

Therapeutic tissue regeneration is at the heart of research at SYMATESE, which plays a fundamental and pioneering role, particularly in skin science, based on world-class know-how in dermal regeneration, among 15 medical covered specialties.

NEVELIA® is a dermal substitute, indicated for dermal regeneration in individuals with skin loss, particularly in the following fields: burns surgery (third and deep second degree burns), reconstructive plastic surgery and traumatology. It is a product of SYMATESE technology, and this year we are celebrating 10 years of use. This bi-layer matrix is a sterile device comprising a layer of collagen (enabling dermal regeneration) and a reinforced silicone sheet (playing the role of a pseudo-epidermis).

OCS® Tehnology and its open 3D structure is obtained thanks to the characteristics of our collagen and the specific freeze-drying process.
It optimizes cell colonization, stimulates wound healing and increases angiogenesis.