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NEVELIA® bi-layer matrix is a sterile medical device consisting of a collagen layer to promote dermal regeneration and a reinforced silicone layer acting as a pseudo-epidermis.



The type I, purified, stabilized, bovine origin collagen is supplied as a porous matrix. This matrix serves as a support for cell infiltration, thus contributes to the natural tissue regeneration process. It is resorbed, becoming a vascularized tissue that is histologically very close to the normal dermis, from 2 to 3 weeks after it is implanted. The silicone layer is removed after dermal regeneration, at the time of the thin split thickness skin graft.

NEVELIA® is a three-dimensional porous matrix of stabilized bovine origin type I Collagen.
NEVELIA® is made of a specific native collagen with a large fibrous proportion to keep cell adhesion signals and mechanical structure to support regeneration.
In vitro tests demonstrate an optimized colonization as fibroblasts recognize collagen fibers.

NEVELIA® is composed of medical-grade silicone elastomer reinforced with a polyester material.


NEVELIA® Bi-Layer Matrix is indicated for dermal regeneration in individuals with skin loss, particularly in the following fields:

  • Burns surgery (third and deep second degree burns)
  • Reconstructive plastic surgery
  • Traumatology

NEVELIA® Bi-Layer Matrix is used in combination with a thin split thickness skin graft (STSG) to recreate skin resembling normal skin in terms of function and appearance.

NEVELIA® Utilizations

NEVELIA® can also be used in children.

Presentation and size:

This dermal regeneration template is presented in 4 sizes

NEVELIA bi-layer matrix is supplied -hydrated between two protective sheets of plastic in double pouches. Each pack contains one bi-layer matrix and is radiation-sterilized.

NEVELIA® bi-layer matrix is CE marked by the notified body LNE / G-MED n°0459 and is a Class III Medical Device made by SYMATESE - Chaponost – FRANCE

For full list of recommendations for use and contra-indications, method of administration, please refer to the Instruction For Use of the product included in the box.

NEVELIA presentation



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