Did you know? Today is world health day! See how SYMATESE contributes.

Thanks to SYMATESE, more than 25 million patients are treated every year with our products, in more than 15 medical specialties, on all continents, and with the engagement of our 350 employees.

Based on our technology platforms to rebuild, restore or rejuvenate.

Thanks to the commitment of each of its employees, partners, and subcontractors, SYMATESE contributes to the improvement of the health, well-being and self-esteem of women and men around the world through medical solutions.

To support its CSR policy, SYMATESE is also committed to strengthening its contribution to patient’s health by:

– Reducing its environmental impact,
– Developing renewable resources,
– And integrating CSR criteria from the outset of any new project.

It is in that spirit that a comprehensive action plan is under preparation. In its first release, the plan will cover various guidelines in key areas such as waste management, the reduction of our energy consumption, and the implementation of a sponsorship policy. The guidelines will be shared with all of our employees.