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With a solid financial situation, independent and historical shareholders, and a board management working together for more than 20 years, SYMATESE is the right partner to answer any of your business opportunities.

SYMATESE‘s strategy is to collaborate with companies willing to develop new biopolymer based medical devices. Companies can subcontract to SYMATESE the design and/or production of finished or semi-finished medical devices. SYMATESE partners will benefit from more than 35 years of experience in biopolymer transformation into medical devices as well as a technical and regulatory support. The collaboration will be handled through a tailor made agreement that will be adapted to the specific situation and needs of the customer. We understand the value of partnership and we are committed to create and develop an innovative, strong and long term business environment with our partners.


SYMATESE‘s offer of services ranges from the development of new specific material, like a new collagen type to the design of new innovative medical devices. SYMATESE’s policy is to manufacture the products it has developed for its clients.

Projects are handled and coordinated internally by a project leader who works with a team which includes members of the different services involved.

SYMATESE is accredited as a private research organization by the French ministry of higher education and scientific research.

For many years we have been manufacturing, developing and creating solutions and products around Collagen, Hydroxyapatite and Hyaluronic Acid…

Our customers rely on an efficient organization especially in the research & development, manufacturing, quality and regulatory affairs, to guarantee your success


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