Trust our surgical solutions to improve patient’s health based on our unique technology platforms.


Using our technology platforms, we have developed finished products and components which are critical in order to REBUILD bone structure, vessels or skin.

Burn treatment

Dermal regeneration with collagen dermal regeneration template for third and deep second degree burns and burns sequelae.

Cardiovascular surgery


  • Vascular graft collagen coatings to replace arteries.
  • Vascular sealing syringe used as an adjuvant to sutures to obtain immediate hemostasis in peripheral vascular surgery.

Maxillofacial surgery


Bone substitute to fill sinus before dental implant placement.



  • Bone substitute to fill various types of bone defects.
  • PMMA Syringe cement for spongy bone increase.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery


  • Dermal regeneration with collagen dermal regeneration template for Chronic wounds surgery (including leg ulcers and diabetic foot).
  • Traumatology and any kind of skin substance loss.

Spine surgery


In cervical surgery: alone inside cervical fusion cage and in lumbar surgery mixed with autograft.

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