Research & Development

SYMATESE’s Research & Development department is experienced and skilled to handle the design of new product with creativity, efficiency in an adapted and controlled quality environment.

Its offer is fully integrated from design to production and regulatory support.

In close collaboration with the partners SYMATESE will handle: 

  • The methodological Tool


  • A classic project schedule structured as follows:



Book of technical requirements




IP Strategy





SYMATESE’s experience in biopolymer transformation and medical device design as well as their reactivity allows for an optimized cost and time to market.
The partnership is managed by a tailor made contract covering the relation from the design to the production phase to secure the partnership on the long term. We dedicate more than 15 % of our turnover to Research & Development every year in order to develop new medical device products and innovations


SYMATESE develops innovative and safe technical solutions to accurately meet the needs and expectations of patients in health and quality of life improvement. These solutions also meet quality and regulatory requirements.

Creativity, methodological tools and project management is day to day practice to optimise time to market and regulatory strategy.


R&D Team

The Research and Development team is a strong multidisciplinary team of experienced doctors, engineers and technicians from different science disciplines such as chemistry, biochemistry, biomaterials, biology and pharmacy. It comprises for 10 persons, and is internally supported by an analytical laboratory and an industrialisation team.

The R&D team matches biopolymer science with their medical application to design efficient and innovative medical devices. The team works in close collaboration with surgeons, physicians and practitioners to develop innovative products meeting the needs of both the user and patients.


Intellectuel property policy

Acquisition and maintenance of effective IP rights is a key objective for R&D.

  • IP strategy is fully integrated in SYMATESE‘s approach for design & development allowing SYMATESE to own a consistent and wide IP portfolio,
  • SYMATESE possesses trademarks for its own products,
  • SYMATESE is also deeply involved in worldwide patent strategy development for innovative
    products and process protection.

In early development stages, SYMATESE carries out research and state of the art analysis to provide a clarified view of patent opportunity and freedom to operate (FTO). Once opportunity is identified, a patent is written and filed. SYMATESE currently owns nine patent families.

R&D connections

Internally, it is SYMATESE‘s policy to involve regulatory affairs, production and marketing, from the early phase of development and through the entire development process.

The development of public and private partnerships allows SYMATESE to offer ever more innovative solutions.

SYMATESE is also involved in projects funded by the French National Agency for Research (ANR).



SYMATESE is accredited by French Ministry of Research and higher education as a research and development centre (CRO) for R&D Tax Credit.


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