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Creation of the SADUC company specialised in the manufacture and marketing of collagen for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications in CHAPONOST (Lyon - FRANCE).

Institut Mérieux acquires SADUC to develop medical applications.

Laboratoire Perouse Implant (L.P.I.), specialised in cardiovascular prostheses, takes over the activities of SADUC at the Chaponost site.

SYMATESE biomatériaux is created after the split of the PEROUSE companies and takes over all the biomaterial activities of LPI.
Since this date, the aspects relating to the product design are developed with the creation of a specific department dedicated and the domains of the research has been extended to other biopolymers than collagen such as hyaluraonic acid, oxidized cellulose, alginate.

CE approval of the first 2 own collagen based products. These are HEMOTESE® haemostatic compress and COLLAPAT® II  bone substitute.

Separation from the Perouse medical group
Creation of holding called HOLDSYMA with the same shareholding as PEROUSE MEDICAL.
PEROUSE MEDICAL remains an important partner of SYMATESE.

SYMATESE biomatériaux becomes SYMATESE.

Creation of the subsidiary SYMATESE Aesthetics, dedicated to the design and the manufacturing of high Quality innovative Products for plastic surgery and medical aesthetics.

Acquisition of a new plant in Chaponost (Lyon - FRANCE) of 3000 m2 dedicated to activity extension, which doubles the previous SYMATESE’s surface
CE approval of the third own collagen based products, NEVELIA® which is a bi-layer matrix for dermal regeneration used in the reconstructive surgery and in the burns treatment.