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SYMATESE manufacturing operations are fully integrated in a plant in Chaponost (Lyon - FRANCE). Manufacturing operations take place in a controlled environment to allow an optimal product quality. Production is carried out in accordance with good manufacturing practices.

A skilled production team handles the very technical operations of collagen extraction, purification and transformation, and other biopolymer transformation, for example:

  • A production line for the complete transformation of┬ácollagen: from the animal tissues up to sterile medical devices,
  • A dedicated production line for Hyaluronic Acid (HA) transformation, from HA raw material to packaged sterile prefilled syringes of cross-linked HA in blisters,
  • Freeze drying of calcium alginate pads.

Example of available processes:

  • Freeze drying,
  • Cross-linking,
  • Coating,
  • Film,
  • Aseptic processing,
  • Dialysis,
  • Pouch and blister packaging,
  • Steam sterilization.