Customized Collagen


We design taylor-made solutions to fit your needs.

Collagen Raw Material Customized to your Needs


With a unique experience and know-how of collagen transformation, SYMATESE is the ideal partner for a company that needs collagen medical devices or collagen raw material, including collagen matrices, medical device coating collagen solutions, collagen sponges, and more.


As functional requirements for each product are specific, we tailor the collagen raw material specifications to the exact needs of our customers.

Transformation Technologies

SYMATESE collagen raw material can be used as starting material for a collagen medical device, and then, SYMATESE masters a wide range of collagen transformation technologies: 

  • Enzymatic processes
  • Crosslinking (Through various chemical or auto-crosslinking technologies)
  • Freeze drying
  • Film casting
  • Chemical transformation, grafting
  • Co formulation with other biopolymer or other compounds.


Raw Material Properties

Formulation with purified soluble collagen could also be used to obtain filterable heated collagen solution that will display gelatin-like properties with a full chain structural integrity and a unique level of purity. This heated collagen will exhibit unique mechanical properties along with:


⇒ Full traceability

⇒ Complete endotoxin level control

⇒ Controlled contamination level or sterile solution