Collagen medical device containing hydroxyapatite used as bone substitute in orthopaedics, spine surgery and in maxillo facial surgery and odonto-stomatology.

COLLAPAT® II is a bone void filler presented in a sponge form.
It is composed of a collagen structure in which ceramised hydroxyapatite granules are dispersed. The granules of hydroxyapatite give the material its osteoconductive properties. The hydroxyapatite is slowly resorbed.
As a collagen medical device, COLLAPAT® II its strong haemostatic power and is completely resorbable in a few weeks. The collagen type I is extracted from bovine dermis. The manufacturing procedure comprises stages recognized to inactivate viruses and non-conventional transmissible agents such as Prions. 

These treatments make it possible to ensure maximum microbiological safety for COLLAPAT® II as a bone void filler or bone substitute, in particular in respect to the agent responsible for BSE.


– COLLAPAT® II bone void filler is osteoconductive. It is generally completely colonised by the healthy orthotopic tissue thanks to intensive bone regeneration.

bone void filler exerts a haemostatic effect on the bone surfaces that it covers and on the muscles that are partially freed and replaced during surgery, stopping bleeding in a few minutes.

– COLLAPAT® II bone void filler is ready to use and easy to handle, to mold and to trim.

– COLLAPAT® II bone void filler is hydrophilic: the matrix takes the consistency of a paste in contact with blood or tissue fluids.

– COLLAPAT® II bone void filler perfectly fits to the anatomic area.


In orthopaedics, COLLAPAT® II as a bone substitute is used to fill various types of bone lesions:


After extracting cortico-spongoid bone fragments


After tumour resection


In revision prosthesis


In surgical spondylodeses


In cases of pseudarthrosis


In certain fractures treated by osteosynthesis

Examples of use

Specific use are referred in our clinical data

Spinal surgery:
• In cervical surgery: alone inside cervical fusion cage.
• In lumbar surgery: mixed with autograft and in contact with osteosynthesis material.

Foot surgery:
in the treatment of Hallux valgus: to fill the defect created by the osteotomy, then to fill the defect after the removal of the screws.

Knee and Hip:
in total prosthesis, between the sharpened bone and the prosthesis.

Knee in ligamentoplasty:
to fill the bone graft harvesting sites and the entry to the tibial tunnel.

Method of administration

COLLAPAT® II bone void filler must be used in perfectly sterile operating conditions after adequate preparation of the site to be treated.
COLLAPAT® II bone void filler can be cut, using surgical scissors, to the desired dimensions to facilitate its application. After being wet with tissue fluids, antibiotics or saline solution, COLLAPAT® II bone void filler becomes soft and paste-like, making it easy to use to fill the cavity requiring treatment.
Draining is strongly recommended but the drains must not be in direct contact with COLLAPAT® II.
Rinsing of the implanted area is to be avoided.
COLLAPAT® II bone void filler is not designed to be removed except in the case of post-surgical infection.
In the case of widespread and very deep bone lesions or segment defects of more than 1 to 2 cm, autologous bone shavings or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) should be combined with COLLAPAT® II bone void filler.
Bone instabilities require supporting osteosynthesis.

Presentation and size

COLLAPAT® II bone void filler is available in three sizes:

PAT35X63.5 x 6 x 0.6 cm1 unit per box
PAT7X117 x 11 x 0.6 cm1 unit per box
PAT1X1X11 x 1 x 1 cm5 units per box

COLLAPAT® II bone void filler is presented in light- and water-proof double wrapping, one unit per box, except for the 1 x 1 x 1 cm pads which are presented in boxes containing five units.
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COLLAPAT®II bone void filler is CE marked by the notified body LNE / G-MED n°0459 and is a Class III Medical Device made by SYMATESE – Chaponost – FRANCE


Contra-indications: For full list of recommendations for use and contra-indications, method of administration, please refer to the Instruction For Use of the product included in the box.


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