Collagen Domains

Collagens are essential in many medical treatments, including vital indications.

SYMATESE already has purified collagen bulk raw materials, semi-finished or collagen medical devices used in the following fields:


 SYMATESE supplies medical device coating for example in vascular prosthesis. Using bovine Collagen type I, these collagen solutions allow vascular prostheses optimisation by improving anti-thrombogenicity, biocompatibility and tightness properties.


SYMATESE supplies medical device coating solution dedicated to improve parietal prostheses and anti-adhesion films properties. SYMATESE products are designed to manage interfacial performance of supporting devices to prevent adhesion formation while providing biocompatibility.


SYMATESE offers collagen medical devices dedicated to orthopaedic surgery, more precisely for hard tissue scaffolding. SYMATESE proposes bone substitutes made of bovine Collagen type I and matrices for cartilage engineering exhibiting osteoconductive effect for bone or cartilaginous defects repair and regeneration.


SYMATESE also focuses on burns management and dermal reconstruction by proposing a bi-layered dermal regeneration matrix which is used to provide a suitable Healing environment to skin defects.


SYMATESE is present in dental surgery by way of two classes of products:

SYMATESE supplies bone substitutes based on a combination of bovine collagen type I and hydroxyapatite which provide an osteoconductive effect. These bone substitutes are used in maxillo-facial surgery and odonto-stomatology;

SYMATESE also supplies haemostatic sponges to allow practitioners to achieve haemostasis following dental extraction for example.


SYMATESE supplies haemostatic sponges for general surgery intended to be used by surgeons to control bleeding on surgical site. SYMATESE is also involved in bleeding control following haemodialysis by proposing a compressive haemostatic sponge to overcome post-dialysis complications.

To summarise

Surgery or medical applicationsSYMATESE products
Vascular surgeryMedical devices coating solutions
for vascular prostheses
Visceral surgeryMedical devices coating solutions
for parietal prostheses, anti-adhesion film
Orthopedic surgeryBone substitutes, or matrices
for cartilage engineering
Burns and dermal reconstructionBi-layered dermal regeneration matrices
Dental surgeryBone substitutes and haemostatic sponges
General surgeryHaemostatic sponges
HaemodialysisCompressive haemostatic sponges