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The following are examples of development undertaken by SYMATESE for its partners:

Crosslinked hyaluronic acid for aesthetic purpose:

New innovative technology for cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel with lidocaine to obtain improved tolerance and long term performance in vivo. This project was handled from conception to the marketed device, with implementation of a fully integrated dedicated production line.

Self-crosslinking Collagenic solutions for coating:

The challenge in this case is to obtain a chemical free crosslinked collagen coating with an adapted degradation rate for coating of knitted and wowen vascular prosthesis.

New sourcing and process for extraction of pure collagens type IV, and type II

To produce semi industrial quantities that were not commercially available.

Crosslinked collagen type I and type II matrices for medical and tissue engineering

From dermal to cartilage regeneration  in vitro.

Ultrapure gelatin for implantable use.

Calcium alginate freeze dried hemostatic pad.

Development of SYMATESE's own devices:


And more to come…