We design, engineer, and manufacture regenerative medical solutions.

With our advanced technology platforms in biopolymers and administration systems, we contribute to the improvement of the patients’ health, well-being, and self-esteem.

Inspired by Nature



SYMATESE develops solutions for the rebuild, the restoration, the rejuvenation, from the bone structure up to the skin, in the sharing of research, knowledge & know-how, from the ideation to marketing.



With 3 in-house R&D Centers, 4 Plants, 3 regional Hubs, and multiple strategic partners among the global leaders in their field, SYMATESE has put innovation and collaboration at the heart of its growth.



For over 30 years, SYMATESE has been building strong and lasting partnerships with R&D partners, B2B partners, specialized distributors, and healthcare professionals, for the benefit of millions of patients around the world.



We strive to deliver sustainable results through safe and reliable solutions. Through our CSR roadmap, we integrate sustainable development issues: the environmental impact of our activities, the social impact and well-being of our employees, as well as the economic impact on our external stakeholders.


Symatese at a glance

Since its creation in 1997, SYMATESE has been continuously investing in Research & Development to innovate for its own in-house products as well as for its partners.

As a part of its partnerships, SYMATESE has been sharing its experience and know-how to develop medical devices and products leading companies of the medical and pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.

SYMATESE is known for the quality of its products, its capacity for innovation as well as the competence and expertise of its employees. Thanks to the renewed confidence of the industry partners associated with the performances of our products, SYMATESE is a leading player in the field of biopolymers extraction and transformation and administration systems for the development of medical devices and products.

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Discover why and how more leading surgeons, doctors, practitioners, and major & aesthetic brands partner with us to deliver best in class, safe and edging solutions to more than 25 million patients around the globe.


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B2B partners


million patients worldwide per year

5 reasons why practitioners and brands partner with SYMATESE

1. We are a Medtech house from life science

Medtech is our field of expertise for the creation of medical solutions, life science is where we source our inspiration for the exploration of regenerative therapy innovations.

We are inspired by nature

2. We share our knowledge & know-how with our partners

We believe in collective intelligence & agility. Nothing big can be done without collaborating with the ecosystem. Knowledge is the one thing that when it is shared, it creates added value for all driving us further together.

We are open and collaborative

3. We explore, create & build in house our technology platforms

We consider innovation as a technology platform. This allows our partners to build on our technology platforms, on their own terms, in the end benefit of their patients Health, Wellbeing & Self-Esteem.

We empower our partners

4. We control safety, quality & performance by indication

We comply to the highest standards of quality & safety and we control indication by indication the performance and patients adherence of our medical solutions with specific testing & clinical trials.

We test, learn, control, and adapt

5. We deliver on sustainable results & patient centric innovation

We invest for today, and for tomorrow. it’s critical for you that you can rely on tangible & predictable results accordingly to timelines. Also, on any innovation with invest on, we are eager to create extended know-how.

We are customer-centric driven

Healthcare practitioners and global leaders from medical, pharma, and aesthetic industry partner with SYMATESE.


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Medical Specialties


Burn Treatment
Cardio-Vascular Surgery
Maxillo-Facial Surgery
Ophthalmology Surgery
Plastic, Aesthetics, and Reconstructive Surgery
Spine Surgery



Aesthetic Medicine
Dental Surgery
Imaging (MRI)
Emergency Treatment of Intoxications
Wound Care


Our Story



Creation of SYMATESE biomateriaux.


SYMATESE research and product design expertise in collagen extends to other biopolymers.


Launch of the first two own collagen-based products: HEMOTESE® haemostatic compress and COLLAPAT® II haemostatic bone substitute.



Development of collagen matrices in collaboration with EPISKIN and L’Oréal, for non-animal evaluation methods for ingredient and product testing.



SYMATESE enters a global strategic partnership with a leader in dermato-cosmetology for the commercialisation of a new range of dermal fillers based on SYMATESE HA-technology.


SYMATESE biomatériaux becomes SYMATESE.


Launch of Emervel®, a new range of HA dermal fillers (now marketed under the brand name Restylane®).


Creation of SYMATESE AESTHETICS, dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and marketing of high-quality innovative medical devices for plastic surgery.



Launch of NEVELIA®. The new collagen-based product is a bi-layer matrix for dermal regeneration used in the reconstructive surgery and in burn treatment.


Creation of SYMATESE DEVICE by acquisition of the Perouse Medical Business Unit B2B.



Creation of SYMATESE SHANGHAI, China, by acquisition of Perouse Medical Shanghai.


Creation of SYMATESE LATAM, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Launch of SYMATESE PLAN TRANSFORM 2020-2026 to set the strategic development of the group for the next years.


L’Oréal & Symatese strengthen their strategic research partnership on biomaterials.

Mission & Contribution

What is our mission?

We explore and create medical solutions for reconstruction, restoration and rejuvenation. These products, made available to the medical community, are the result of our technological platforms and our know-how in the fields of biopolymer extraction and transformation, as well as silicone elastomer and plastics transformation.

Our mission is to improve patient’s health, well-being, and quality of life.

How do we operate?

We work in partnership with leaders of the medical and cosmetic industries with whom we share our knowledge in order to design the best solutions. We also market our own branded products directly to healthcare professionals through our own sales network.

We provide innovative therapies, which are tested according to clinical performance and safety studies, to surgeons, doctors and aesthetic practitioners.

Today, more than 25 million patients per year benefit from our technology platforms through practitioners around the world.

Where do we find our inspiration?

Nature is a great source of inspiration for us.

Our approach to innovation in life sciences, through biomimicry, aims at minimizing the transformation of natural components.

The world of life inspires us, through our CSR projects we contribute to respect for biodiversity, to the reduction of our environmental impact, with the upgrading of bio-sourced materials for example.

Which are the values that guide our actions?

Our shared key values ​​are ethics, responsibility, respect, team spirit, agility, and focus on results. These values ​​are the basis of our Manifesto and of the SYMATESE house.

By the very nature of our activity, sustainability is one of the key axes that guide the development of SYMATESE in the context of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy (CSR).

It is in this context that we have implemented a CSR strategy around the three ESG criteria: the environment, social and governance.

Find all the charters and policies of the house SYMATESE.

What is our contribution?

Our commitment to continuous product improvement is made possible thanks to the great stability of our teams and our resources, which are growing year by year. This is how we want to contribute to medical progress.

The main strength of SYMATESE lies in the personal commitment and competence of its employees who share the essential values ​​of ethics, deontology, innovation, anticipation and responsiveness.

We work in a spirit of personal development, focused on scientific, medical and financial results, in order to carry on and to expand the company development for the benefit of the potential patients that we all are.

Through our various charters, Symatese confirms its CSR commitment, notably with its anti-corruption policy, its ethical charter, its responsible purchasing and its environmental policy.

Our CSR commitments & objectives

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals, in order to establish these common values, we have undertaken the structuring of our CSR approach, which results in the launch of the 1st carbon balance in 2022 and an energy audit or the Silver Ecovadis medal received this year at Symatese Device

Many developments are to come at Symatese that integrate the concept of eco-design, because every decision taken on a daily basis can have an impact on the environment. It is therefore necessary to ensure at all times that all our actions comply with the rules and legislation in force.

We have a social responsibility that combines the search for excellence in our solutions with the substitution of recycled and/or bio-sourced raw materials for the use of fossil fuels (where possible by international regulations to which we have had to comply). A working group has been established to begin a process to reduce our production waste and end-of-life products.

All our entities carry the same values, with the same degree of information. Building lasting links and synergy between the subsidiaries is a real guarantee of trust and harmony, both for our employees and our partners.

This desire for lasting commitment is now reflected in responsible governance with the implementation of charters and binding policies.


For a strong ethical culture, of
trust, transparency,
sharing and cohesion. Symatese is committed, open our CSR charter.


Respect for human rights, working conditions, the fight against corruption are integral parts of the key values of Symatese, discover them through our ethical charter and our anti-corruption policy.


Symatese is committed to operating in a spirit of loyalty, transparency and
respect for its employees, suppliers, customers,
shareholders and all those with whom it interacts.


Engaging our stakeholders in this CSR process is essential, find out what commitments we want to find in our suppliers.


Limiting our environmental impact is one of our priorities, through concrete actions such as the carbon footprint, waste recycling and eco-design.


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manufacturing sites



SYMATESE is recognized for the quality and knowledge of its employee, who all share the same values: Ethics, Innovation, Vision, and Flexibility.

We focus on scientific, medical, and financial outcomes in order to bring value to patients and to our customers.

Jean-Paul Gerardin


Global Presence

4 Regional Hubs

SYMATESE is a global company with hubs in France, China, Brazil, and Mauricius.

Group Structure

SYMATESE Affiliates

SYMATESE DEVICE » symatese-device.com
SYMATESE AESTHETICS » symatese-aesthetics.com
SYMATESE SHANGHAI » www.symatesecn.com
SYMATESE LATAM » symateselatam.com.br


All SYMATESE affiliates are operating under the independent holding SYMATESE Group.